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Training Courses at the Conference
How to coach online I

Jop Delemarre 

How to coach online II

Jop Delemarre 


Training Chess Tutors for Online Delivery

Sean Marsh


Psychological Issues

Alexey Root 


ChessPlus, ECU Training Courses

07-08 December 2020

The basis of the teaching method is that problem-solving is more natural and accessible in a game environment. The course derives from the Erasmus+ CHAMPS Project. 

09-10 December 2020

The course uses the SMART method developed by the professional ChessPlus team based upon years of practical experience supplemented by action research.

12-13 December 2020

Learn with Judit Polgar in English, with translation in Italian, French, Dutch and Spanish.

18-19 December 2020

See special offer for women, clubs and federations. 

Till the 31st of December 2020

Online Moodle course