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The London Chess Conference brings together the leading lights in Chess Education from around the world and is the leading global conference in its 9th Edition. Three days of inspiring content, networking and product discovery. All Sponsors and Exhibitors will obtain a visible conference profile and formal acknowledgment for their support.

Partners and Main Sponsors

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) is the governing body of the sport of chess, and it regulates all international chess competitions. Many millions of chess games are played every day, on every continent.

Chess is also a powerful tool for education. It is a “low floor, high ceiling” game that can be practiced and enjoyed at many different levels. This is one of the main reasons why chess is a welcome guest in today’s gamified classrooms. Chess can be implemented as a stand-alone subject or integrated into other subjects in the form of exercises, investigations, and chess-related activities to help develop intellectual and 21st-century skills.

FIDE Chess in Education Commission has been the supporter of numerous education conferences. The focus of the Commission is to expand the global outreach for chess in education. The London Chess and Education Conference is an established, well-known, and prestigious event that brings together people who are dedicated to the use of chess as an educational tool. This conference has been running annually since 2013 and has established itself as the leading global conference. Representing FIDE in this top-level educational event and establishing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders is one of our main objectives.

One of the Commission’s top priorities is to expand its resources by developing preschool programs and materials. The first day of the conference is a special preschool session organized by FIDE. It is a hybrid event, where several online and in-person presentations will be heard and streamed through various media channels.

We also wish to provide standards for training and program credibility within the Chess in Education community. Educational chess is thought to improve problem-solving skills that are necessary for STEM subjects, and we are looking to meet the impressive line-up of STEM experts and pedagogues at the conference.

There is a conference session on the latest chess research. We are particularly interested in innovative ways to measure the impact of educational chess instruction and to connect with partners who are interested in carrying out such research.

FIDE Education Commission

CSC at the London Chess Conference 2023

Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) is a charity with a mission to introduce chess to schools and
communities across the UK and to highlight the game’s educational and social benefits.

Over the past 13 years, CSC has supported over 1,500 schools with tuition, training, free equipment, and learning resources. We currently teach chess in over 250 state schools every week. Our core activity is to deliver chess lessons to full classes of pupils, mainly in KS2 in primary schools.

CSC’s award-winning curriculum is focused on reinforcing numeracy and developing basic mathematical techniques. The use of logic-based chess puzzles in our teaching develops problem solving skills essential to STEM subjects. In addition, by teaching chess, we aim to develop soft skills to enhance our students’ social and academic development.

Through our Community Programme, CSC runs chess activities in libraries, youth centres, homes for older people, and hospitals. We also run successful and well-attended chess clubs in several prisons. To raise the profile of chess, CSC has organised twelve editions of the London Chess Classic, a flagship festival held in West London. In 2021 launched ChessFest, an annual celebration of the game culminating in the charity taking over Trafalgar Square for a day of free family-friendly chess activities.

CSC is delighted to be a long-term partner of the London Chess Conference and is looking forward to meeting other educators at this year’s event.

Contact: Malcolm Pein, Chief Executive Officer I CSC I 


The English Chess Federation (ECF) is the governing chess organisation in England and is affiliated to FIDE (the Fédération Internationale des Échecs). Its mission is to promote the game of chess, in all its forms, as an attractive means of cultural and personal advancement to the widest possible public. In addition, the ECF exists to develop chess by creating the means to enable the highest forms of chess excellence to be achieved, and to expand the game as a social and sporting activity.

The ECF is delighted to be a Gold Sponsor of the London Chess Conference 2023, and applauds the Conference team’s success in bringing together so many people and organisations involved in the use of chess for educational purposes. Two of the ECF’s priority objectives are to implement a Junior Development Pathway to create a structured and formal progression plan for junior chess players which incorporates existing coaches, junior clubs, associations and programmes, and to develop and embed a National Curriculum as a basis for a clear learning and development pathway for junior chess players.

We strongly believe that the problem-solving and social skills that junior chess players develop through initiatives such as these are vital to achieving success in STEM subjects, so the theme of this year’s Conference – Chess and STEM – is particularly relevant to us.

We look forward to meeting with, sharing ideas with, and learning from the large array of experts attending the Conference.

Mike Truran, Chief Executive I English Chess Federation 


ChessKid is excited to return to the London Chess Conference 2023

This will be our third appearance and there is no better event to meet and network with those that share our common vision to bring chess to every child.

Our company’s goal is simple — to make a simple, fun, and 100% safe online platform that makes kids enjoy the game and teachers excited to teach it. Our conference goal is to meet those whom we can learn from, hear how they are implementing chess in education and overcoming roadblocks, and also meet those that might benefit from our platform.

ChessKid was founded in 2011 and we have more than 8.5 million kids that have joined the site. We have videos, lessons, live play, puzzles, and more. We are also now translated into about 25 languages, with many of the videos fully dubbed and captioned for children to learn in their native language.

We have added many features for teachers, schools, and even entire cities or countries to manage kids, host events, and receive data. One of our biggest goals is to offer teachers the simple tools they need to be inspired and confident to teach the game as part of the curriculum, and also to show them what STEM concepts are being taught through the game. Can’t wait to say hi to old friends and new ones in London!

FM Mike Klein – Chief Chess Officer and Carey Fan – CEO I Chesskid

Contact: I 

ChessManager, a chess pairing software that helps anyone organize tournaments, is proud to be a part of the London Chess Conference.

One of the most positive feedback for using our software comes from the school teachers, who can
finally work with an easy-to-use program where everything is clear for creating pairings and organizing chess tournaments in school.

Also, our software has been used by chess arbiters at top-level events, including the World (2021)
and European Rapid and Blitz Championship (2022).

We’re excited to be a part of the conference and look forward to sharing modern solutions for
organizing chess tournaments that we have implemented, such as sending personalized SMS
messages for pairing or online entry fee payments, among many others.

We know that organizing tournaments can be a frustrating and painful experience, especially when using clumsy software. There are always better solutions to the problems we encounter. That’s why we can’t wait to have the opportunity to share our experiences and learn from others in the field.

I look forward to attending the conference and potential collaborations that can be mutually
beneficial. Feel free to reach out to me.

Tomasz Żyźniewski, Co-Founder I ChessManager

Chessable to share research into science of learning at London Chess Conference

Chessable, the science-backed learning software that has taken the chess world by storm, is proud to showcase its work for the wider chess community at the London Chess Conference.

Former U.S. Women’s Champion Alexey Root will represent Chessable, leading a talk on chess research in multiple subject areas, including STEM fields. She will highlight a Chessable-funded study on “Sex Differences in Chess Ability” conducted by Harvard University’s Angela Li and Dr. Mark Glickman.

Dr. Root, Chessable’s Chief Science Officer, is a Woman International Master, university lecturer on chess and education, and holds a PhD in education from UCLA.

Dr. Root will discuss the Chessable Research Awards, Chessable’s industry-leading initiative to inspire chess research at colleges and universities.

Dr. Root said: “Chessable awards money three times each year to undergraduates, graduate students, and their faculty research sponsors for new or on-going chess-themed research. The Chessable Research Awards increase the number of peer-reviewed papers about chess.”

Chessable, which has recently become part of the family, is committed to finding and promoting science-backed learning techniques that increase our understanding of chess.

We look forward to sharing what we have learned with the conference.

Leon Watson, Head of PR |

ChessForEdu is excited to present its new product, Caissa, at the London Chess Conference 2023. This is the perfect venue to showcase a platform that aims to bring chess to teachers’ toolkits.

Caissa is an educational web platform that serves as a facilitator for introducing modern tools to primary school classrooms. We can help teachers incorporate chess games to teach concepts such as logical thinking, spatial reasoning, empathy, and responsibility without adding extra effort to their daily workload.

Two years ago, we realized that teachers wanted to bring games to their classrooms but struggled without a specific tool. This inspired us to embark on our journey, combining the chess and psychology expertise of our CEO with the software design and instructional skills of our CTO.

We are proud to participate in the London Chess Conference, a globally renowned event that shares our vision for education. Our main focus is to bring STEM to schools by incorporating technology into our platform, including math problems for children to solve, and offering engineering courses and events where children can design and develop their own games.

We will be present at the London Chess Conference to showcase the Caissa platform to those interested, and our team will also be speaking, and sharing our experience of successfully introducing chess in Spanish schools and other locations.

Pep Suárez, CEO and Francisco Otero, CTO I ChessForEdu  

GameAhead was proud to sponsor the previous Chess Conference in 2020 and does so again this year to support co-operation and cross-pollination between all organisations using chess and other mind sports to teach and inspire.

At GameAhead we are involved both in the use of classic and bespoke games to teach critical thinking, metacognitive and statistical concepts to an adult audience in the workplace, and directly with other individuals and companies in the chess sector to assist them in bringing their innovative products and services to fruition, taking advantage of our STEM backgrounds and practical industry experience. We have already worked with a grandmaster and a mainstay of this conference – perhaps you will be next?

I shall be present at the conference to explore the many opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration – please feel welcome to approach, particularly if you are facing challenges with a new or existing product. 

Vince Negri, Founder and UX/Gamification Consultant I GameAhead Consulting

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