London Chess Conference

Alessandro Dominici, President of Alfiere Bianco Sports Company, having previously seen a project funded by Erasmus+ (the Castle project, which was awarded a ‘success story’ by the EU), he again received, with CSEN Italian Sports body (Andrea Bruni General Manager), a substantial amount (€423k) from the Erasmus+ fund to have new scientific research carried out by the University of Turin (also known as UniTo, with prof. Trinchero). Besides testing the effects of the Castle project on even more children (in Sweden, Spain and Italy), new methods will also be tested, in partnership with ECU. This will involve a learning platform and a peer-to-peer system, where teachers teach chess to their colleagues, so that the game of chess is spread more quickly at school.

Giulia Tonel (Le Due Torri) 

Business Case Study Interview:

Mark Levitt founded the platform ChessCube in 2007 that attracted 4 million registrations. It pioneered video, networking, virtual good and wagering features. But it never became profitable. Volunteers kept the platform going until January 2020. Levitt moved on to other ventures in 2011, but he learned valuable lessons from the ChessCube journey that he is now ready to share in an interview with Sasa Radic.  

Prerecorded interview with Sasa Radic. 

Host: Stefan Löffler

Using for Science

Barry Hymer (Chessable Science Consultant)
Fernand Gobet (LSE) 
Andrea Brancaccio (University of Padua)
Dainis Zegners (Rotterdam School of Management)
Christian Seel (Maastricht University)

Host: Stefan Löffler

Daniel King is a grandmaster, chess coach, commentator and writer from Twickenham. He published a book about Sultan Khan earlier this year. In 2012 he created the Youtube Channel Power Play Chess with a mixture of new and classical games, instruction, reporting and analysis.  

Host: Sean Marsh


José Camacho Collados (Cardiff University)

Alice O´Gorman (ECU Women´s Commission)

David Smerdon (University of Queensland) 

Tom Stafford (Sheffield University)

Host: Eric van Reem

Make a difference in

Janos Pallagi is the Co-Founder of LearningChess, a platform for learning and teaching chess. He holds an MBA in Information Technology. He is the Managing Director at i-Mobil Solutions Ltd. and the Chairman at Inter Crown Europe Corp.

Make a difference in learning chess – set up a large-scale online educational project in 30 minutes.

and Chess Variants

Ullrich Paquet (Google DeepMind)

Nenad Tomasev (Google DeepMind)

Mike Klein (Chesskid)

Host: John Foley (ChessPlus)

Ideas and Tools to Survive the Pandemic

Sanjoy Banerjee (chess24)

Lars Drygajlo (German Youth Chess Association)

Ljubica Lazarevic (Kingston Chess Club)

Matthias Wüllenweber (ChessBase, tbc)

Mike Klein is the Chief Chess Officer at the widely popular chess website which has the largest subscription base in the world. Mike has been closely involved in’s growth into new digital fields including streaming and education with

David Cordover founded in Australia in 2008 and has been deeply involved in online and hybrid chess events and Ensuring Fair Play since Covid-19 changed OTB chess forever. He owns a chess-specific retail store, a scholastic chess coaching business employing over 100 coaches and a series of chess tournaments with around 10,000 entries each year. He is a former Australian Junior Champion.

Aris Marghetis (International Arbiter)

Host: Stefan Löffler

Queens Gambit Declined? the chess community should tell

Kaja Snare (Play Magnus)

Dylan Loeb McClain (New York Times / The Check Weekly)

Alojzije Jankovic (Croatian TV)

Delia Duca (Romanian TV)

Fernando Offermann (freelance writer)

Online Projects for

Jennifer Shahade and Adia Onyango  (US Chess)

Adia Onyango  (US Chess)

Bianca de Jong-Muhren (Dutch Chess Federation)

Polina Otto  (Swedish Chess Federation) 

Teresa Munoz (Catalan Chess Federation) 

Lilli Hahn (German Youth Chess Association)

Host: Alice O’Gorman (ECU Women´s Commission)

for Chess Coaches and Educators

Niels van der Mark works as a professional chess teacher for several years now in the Netherlands. Besides teaching chess he also develops chess materials that can be used in teaching chess. Chesser Demo Board is one of the products he developed with a friend of his and this program is focused on teaching Chess in Schools.

Raghuraman S. is the co-founder of, a platform for chess coaches to effectively train their students and manage the academy. He is a Computer Engineer and holds an MBA in finance.

Schach und Technologie -

Conrad Schormann (ChessTech)
Paul Meyer-Duncker (Berliner Schachverband)
Lars Drygajlo (Deutsche Schachjugend)

Helge Frowein (Deutsche Schachjugend)

Frank Bicker (

und einige mehr. 

James Canty III (US)

Sasha Starr (Canada)

Ljubica Lazarevic (UK)

Kevin Bordi (France)

Didactics of

Dijana Dengler is currently a chess teacher in Singapore. She built the Munich Chess Foundation and worked in the Munich Chess Academy for ten years. She represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in 12 Chess Olympiads and is a member of the FIDE Education Commission. 

Elizabeth Spiegel (award-winning chess educator I.S. 318 Brooklyn)

Andrew Varney (Acornchess)

meets Big Data

Reid McElroy-Young (University of Toronto)

Ashton Anderson (University of Toronto)

Delia Duca (University of Brasov)

Martin Bennedik (

Pawel Kacprzak (Chessvision)

Albert Silver (ChessBase)


How to

Jop Delemarre is a professional trainer since 2004 and trained over the years with beginners and grandmasters in all age categories. Finished his Didactic post-doctoral degree in 2004. In 2014 started his own Delemarre Chess Academy. He organised many youth chess camps, Sunday training sessions and since 3 years also trained trainers for chess in schools and digital classes. Since 2020 connected to ChessPlus as head of their youth academy.

Training Chess Tutors for

Sean Marsh is passionate about chess and education and has been teaching chess in schools since 1988. He is the Chief Trainer for Chess in Schools and Communities and has delivered training days all over the UK, from the Isle of Arran to Truro. Sean is also the blogger for Chessable and the chief reviewer for CHESS Magazine. He has been involved in every London Chess Conference since the first one, in various roles including Co-director, presenter, interviewer and facilitator.

Online Chess

Judit Sztaray (Mechanics Chess Club San Francisco)
David Cordover (Tornelo)

Host: Stefan Löffler (ChessTech) 

New Formats for

Ben Johnson (Perpetual Chess)

John Hartmann (Chess Life)

Dylan Loeb McClain (The Check Weekly)

Host: Eric van Reem

Chess for every student with

Ranae Bartlett is a former Board President of a US school system that provided ChessKid accounts for every elementary student in the district, recognizing the academic benefits of chess. She is currently the Director of Education at, working with school systems training teachers and chess coaches on how to get the most out of during virtual school, face-to-face classes, and after-school chess club practices. Ranae also administers a new grant program offering free gold ChessKid accounts to students attending public schools that started in the US in 2020 and will expand internationally in 2021.

and Chess

Alexey Root WIM won the U.S. Women’s Chess Championship in 1989. She earned her Ph.D. in education from UCLA in 1999. Since the fall of 1999, Root has been a lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas, teaching online courses about chess in education. She has written seven books, including her most recent, Prepare With Chess Strategy (2016).