London Chess Conference

General Advice




Featured speakers will give talks that may last 20 minutes or longer. They share their screen and take questions. Keynote slides will be available through the conference site after the talk. 


Other than keynotes speakers, presenters will be limited to 10 or maximally 15 minutes, during which they can share their screen. Presenters take questions and can choose if they make their slides available through the conference site after the talk.


Many experts will not give a presentation but instead be interviewed by the session chair. This keeps the session more lively and to the point. 


This refers to a demonstration of new technology and the presenters take questions. 


A session designated as workshop is of an instructional nature and led by one or two expert presenters. 

Round Table 

A session designated as a round table comes without presentations. The focus is on debate or on exchanging experience.  


Please install and be familiar with Zoom. 

Public sessions will be recorded.

Zoom Speaker Tips

  • Use a good camera and microphone and check beforehand
  • Frame your head and shoulders
  • Check your appearance
  • Look at the camera not the screen
  • Pay attention to your background 
  • Reference the conference on your slides/background (we can supply images)
  • Arrive at the session early so that you can start on time.
  • Be a good host
  • For busy sessions, you may want a co-host to monitor the chat
  • Give a welcome and introduction at the beginning of your talk because some people may be joining the conference just for your talk.
  • Get your slides ready on your desktop
  • Share the slides window (not the whole screen)
  • Close any windows that you would not want other people to see
  • Use the full screen display – we don’t need to see the Powerpoint controls
  • When finished with the slides switch off screen share
  • Place people on mute unless they are speaking
  • Switch off the video of distracting attendees
  • Send chat message to person with their hand up to tell them you have seen them
  • If some people want to chat to each other, direct them to the networking rooms
  • Plan breakout rooms in advance
  • Leave time at the end for next steps
  • End the meeting on time. You may be cut off otherwise.

Zoom Ground Rules

  • Keep to the topic of the session
  • Show your face if you are speaking
  • Introduce yourself with your name and affiliation (if any)
  • Be polite
  • Do not disturb the group with audio or video
  • Only release the mute button when you are called to speak
  • Raise hand (physically or via the screen icon) if you want to speak
  • Thumbs up if you approve of a comment
  • Use the chat sparingly to make a comment or provide a link


Please send us a portrait photo and a three-sentence current biography.


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