London Chess Conference


Conference Director

John Foley has been Director of the London Chess Conference since 2013. A former financial decision analyst, he has a background in Philosophy, Operational Research and Cognitive Psychology. He was London u-16 champion and Oxford University chess champion. He is the Managing Director of ChessPlus Limited and Secretary of the Education Commission of the European Chess Union.

Programme Director

Stefan Löffler was the Founding Director of the London Chess Conference in 2013 and is its Programme Director since 2014. He is editor of the ChessTech Newsletter and co-ordinator of the Erasmus+ funded 8by8 project. He is a science and chess journalist and International Master.

Brigitta Peszleg
Event Manager

John Upham
AudioVisual Manager

Sean Marsh

Anuurai Sainbayar
Virtual Networking

Conrad Schormann
ChessTech Media Director

Gustaf Mossakowski
ChessTech Technology Director