London Chess Conference

  Confirmed speakers

Rita Atkins is a chess teacher and didactician of strategy games in Cambridge and a former maths and science teacher.

Zurab Azmaiparashvili is President of the European Chess Union, Grandmaster

Shohreh Bayat is an International Arbiter, FIDE Lecturer, Woman FIDE Master and organizer. She has recently been granted political asylum in the UK.

Günter Beikert is an International Master, maths and physics teacher and climate activist from Germany.

Martin Bennedik is a freelance developer and IT consultant in Frankfurt. He created in 2016.

Chris Callahan is a chess coach and Lichess volunteer engaged in public relations.

James Canty is a chess coach and streamer from Detroit, also known as Yedi Master on his Twitch and Youtube channels. 

David Cordover founded Tornelo  in 2008 and has been involved in online and hybrid chess events ensuring Fair Play during Covid. He has managed over 9,000 tournaments including school, youth junior, FIDE Rated and IM norm events.

Jop Delemarre is a qualified school teacher and FIDE Trainer. A former Dutch junior chess champion. He is a leading online chess coach and heads the ChessPlus Academy.

Alessandro Dominici is a leader of school projects in Italy including CASTLE and CGS. He has raised impressive levels of funds from Foundations and Erasmus. 

Delia Duca is a lecturer in computer science at the University of Brasov, chess composer and TV presenter. Her PhD thesis applies machine learning to classify chess compositions.

Arkady Dvorkovich is President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

Leontxo García is a veteran chess journalist, commentator, author, consultant and member of FIDE´s Education Commission from Spain.

Fernand Gobet is a cognitive psychologist and research fellow at the London School of Economics and the University of Liverpool, an International Master and author. 

Jesper Hall built the highly successful school chess programme of the Swedish Chess Federation. He is a FIDE Senior Trainer and chair of the European Chess Union Education Commission.

Jon Kristian Haarr is Executive Director of Offerspill, the world´s biggest hybrid chess club founded by Magnus Carlsen. He has an MBA and specialised in marketing. 

Ben Johnson is a chess teacher and coach in Princeton, New Jersey. He created the by now legendary Perpetual Check podcast in 2016.

Bianca de Jong-Muhren is a woman grandmaster, health manager and was recently selected as chairperson of the Dutch Chess Federation.

Daniel King is a London-based Grandmaster, chess coach, author and commentator. He created the Powerplay Chess channel on Youtube in 2012

Mike Klein is the Chief Chess Officer at which has the largest subscription base in the world. Mike has been closely involved in the transformation of OTB chess.

Javier Magem is a Grandmaster, coach and Technical Director of the Catalan Chess Federation in Barcelona.

Dylan Loeb McClain is a former New York Times editor, now based in Paris. He recently created The Check Weekly video series for World Chess.

Teresa Munoz volunteers as General Secretary and Chair of the Women´s Commission of the Catalan Chess Federation. She is a biotechnologist and project manager.

Monika Musilek is a didactician of mathematics, lecturer at the Pedagogical University of Vienna and director of the Haus der Mathematik science centre.

Vince Negri is a contributor to the Stockfish chess engine and has worked in technology for 25 years after an academic background in computational mathematics. He specialises in systems and user experience design.  His particular interest is the interface between games and adult learning.

Adia Onyango is a Brooklyn based chess coach and organiser, who recently created the Madwoman´s Book Club.

Macauley Peterson is the former Content Director of chess24 and Editor in Chief of Chessbase. He recently graduated in Law and Business from the Bucerius Law School.

Lennart Quante is Deputy Chairman of the German Youth Chess Association, mathematician and a researcher at the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research.  

Adam Raoof is a London-based chess organiser, International Arbiter and coach.

Cesco Reale is a science communicator, games expert, festival organiser, exhibition maker and language coach, based in Neuchâtel.

Eric van Reem is a chess writer, photographer, social media consultant and the creator of the Let´s Talk About Chess podcast.

Conrad Schormann is Media Director of the conference editor of ChessTech, chess blogger, freelance editor, social media consultant and former newspaper editor.

Jorge Nuno Silva is professor of mathematics at the University of Lisbon, games historian, chairman of the mathematics and games society Ludus and coordinator of the 8by8 project.

David Smerdon is a behavioural economist and lecturer at the University of Queensland, a Grandmaster. He has just won the ECF Book of the Year award with The Complete Chess Swindler.

Axel Smith is a Grandmaster, author and editor of the member magazine of the Swedish Chess Federation.

Elizabeth Spiegel is an award-winning chess teacher at I.S. 318 in Brooklyn, that was immortalized in the documentary Brooklyn Castle.

Judit Sztaray is a tournament director, arbiter and manager of the Mechanics Institute Chess Club in San Francisco. She has a PhD in Chemistry and worked as a data scientist.

Tim Peter Wall is a FIDE-Master, coach, organiser and freelance editor and journalist.