London Chess Conference

Arkady Dvorkovich President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), a top economist and also President for the Skolkovo Foundation – the Russian hub for innovation.

John Foley Conference Director, Managing Director of ChessPlus Limited and Secretary of the Education Commission of the European Chess Union.

Zurab Azmaiparashvili  President of the European Chess Federation (ECU) and a vice-president of international chess federation FIDE. 

Chess as a Driver of Technology

ECF Award

Dr. David Smerdon is an Assistant Professor at the University of Queensland. His main areas of research are in behavioural economics and development economics, such as the persistence of harmful social norms and the effects of income inequality on social groups. He earned the Grandmaster title in 2009 and has represented Australia at seven Olympiads, drawing with Magnus Carlsen in his last appearance in 2016.

Host: Sean Marsh


blended clubs

Jon Kristian Haarr (SK Offerspill, Norway)

Erik Biemans (SG KiNG, Netherlands)

Tim Wall (Northumbria Chess)

Ruy Moura (ICC)

Host: Stefan Löffler

during the Pandemic

Sean Marsh is passionate about chess and education and has been teaching chess is schools since 1988. He is the Chief Trainer for Chess in Schools and Communities and has delivered training days all over the UK, from the Isle of Arran to Truro. Sean is also the blogger for Chessable and the chief reviewer for CHESS Magazine. He has been involved in every London Chess Conference since the first one, in various roles including Co-director, presenter, interviewer and facilitator.

Sarah Longson (UK Chess Challenge)

Luis Blasco de la Cruz (Villalba 64, Madrid)

Vitor Cardoso (Teacher and Chess Teacher, Portugal)

Alexander Kostyev (Russian Chess Federation) 

Why we Chess now?

John Ashworth (Caplin)

Sebastian Kuhnert (chess24)

Jim Egerton (Business on the Board)

Host: John Foley

The Hidden Costs of

Wolfgang Grünstäudl (University Wuppertal)

David Smerdon (University of Queensland)

Alexander Matros (University of South Carolina)

Alex Holowczak (English Chess Federation)

Host: Vince Negri (Game Ahead Consulting) 


Noam Manella is a social networks consciousness researcher, public speaker, lecturer, creative writer and chess author: Play Unconventional Chess and Win (2014) and Think like a Machine (2020), both together with Zeev Zohar)

Jacob Aagaard is a publisher (Quality Chess), grandmaster, coach and head of the FIDE Trainer´s Commission. 


Host: Sean Marsh

Developments in

David Beaton has a strong track record at creating innovative online products in many industries: most significantly in games, and government (though they really aren’t so different). Combining a strong technical background (Computing at Imperial College) with 20 years of building online properties (including award-winners), he has arrived at Chessable, to revolutionise chess pedagogy.

Dmitri Shneider (Chessable)

David Joerg (Learn Chess with Dr Wolf)

Host: Stefan Löffler

Best Practices

David Cordover (Founder and CEO of Tornelo)
Roland Walker (Director of Research at 
Shohreh Bayat (International Arbiter, a Woman FIDE Master, Category-A IA and FIDE Lecturer)
Ruy Moura (CEO of the Internet Chess Club)
Chris Callahan
Sanjoy Bannerjee (Product Manager at chess24)

Host: Macauley Peterson

for Chess in Education

Jesper Hall (FIDE-ECU working group)

Jerry Nash (FIDE-ECU working group)

Salome Thomas-EL School Principal/Chess Coach (USA)

Frank Bicker (

Chair: Jerry Nash


Ajedrez y tecnologia:

Pep Suarez: La enseñana del ajedrez en tiempos de TIC

Joan Buch Prades: Cómo supervisar a los jugadores de forma efectiva en torneos de ajedrez online. La historia de SzuperChess y su sistema anti-trampas

Esteban Jaureguizar: El Video en ajedrez

David Martinez: Puede el ajedrez ser un deporte de masas?

Adrian Randazzo: Academia Fide en el Ajedrez educativo y de competencia

Ruy Mora: Area de administración de torneos y Anti-Cheating


Judit Sztaray is an experienced organizer and arbiter, named the 2017 Organizer of the Year in the United States. She has been a member of the Online Play Task Force that developed rules for online play for the US Chess Federation and has been organizing and directing online events. She is also an expert in data science and has a PhD in Chemistry.

Shohreh Bayat is a well-known International Arbiter, a Woman FIDE Master and a Chess Organizer. She is Asia’s first and only female Category-A IA and FIDE Lecturer. Shohreh is one of the few women in the chess world who is operator of DGT boards. She was Chief Arbiter of the 2020 Women’s World Chess Championship and Councillor of the FIDE Arbiters Commission.

Host: Anastasia Sorokina

How to detect ?

Vince Negri is a credited contributor to the Stockfish chess engine and has worked in the technology sector for 25 years, after an academic background in computational mathematics. He specialises in systems and user experience design, and has a particular interest on the interface between games and adult learning.

Roland Walker: (´s Director of Research)

Joan Buch Prades: (

Didactics of

Rita Atkins has been training teachers and tutors in chess and mathematics since 2018. She holds a degree in mathematics and physics, a Diploma of Education and an MSc in Computing Science. Rita was part of the team for the Erasmus+ CHAMPS (Chess and Mathematics in Primary Schools) project and co-authored the book 50 Chess and Mathematics Exercises for Schools. She is currently on the Erasmus+ 8by8 project developing mathematical games for the classroom and ChessPlus Instructor for a Training course: ECU102 – Teaching Mathematics through Chess.  

Tiago Hirth (Ludus)

Jorge Nuno Silva (Ludus)

Open Source Chess:

Chris Callahan is a chess educator and long-time core member of the Lichess team, with 20 years of experience in teaching chess at schools in the North Carolina area. 

Host: Macauley Peterson

The CGS Project

Alessandro Dominici, President of Alfiere Bianco Sports Company, having previously seen a project funded by Erasmus+ (the Castle project, which was awarded a ‘success story’ by the EU), he again received, with CSEN Italian Sports body (Andrea Bruni General Manager), a substantial amount (€423k) from the Erasmus+ fund to have new scientific research carried out by the University of Turin (also known as UniTo, with prof. Trinchero). Besides testing the effects of the Castle project on even more children (in Sweden, Spain and Italy), new methods will also be tested, in partnership with ECU. This will involve a learning platform and a peer-to-peer system, where teachers teach chess to their colleagues, so that the game of chess is spread more quickly at school.

Alessandro Dominici (Project Manager/ Alfiere Bianco)

Jesper Hall (European Chess Union)

Carl Fredrik Johansson (Sweden)

Luis Blasco de la Cruz (Spain)

Marcel Pruijt (Chessity Project)

Échecs et technologie:

Quelle sont les retombées sur le monde des échecs de la série “Le jeu de la dame” –
Impact -ou non- sur l’économie échiquéenne.
D’autres sujets seront également abordés lors de ce webinaire comme celui de l’
explosion du jeu en ligne et du phénomène de la triche comment lutter.

Kevin Bordi – Précurseur du live streaming pour les échecs français, Blitzstream –
Mathilde Choisy – DG de la Fédération Française des Echecs
Laurent Fressinet – Directeur France chess24
Jérôme Houdin – Président Sas Route64, organisateur du Trophée Napoléon des Echecs)
Jean-Claude Moingt (Président de Leonard, ancien Président de la FFE)

Les débats seront animés par Franck Droin, President chez KAISSA

Let's make chess

Günter Beikert (school teacher)

Axel Smith (Swedish Chess Federation)

Lennart Quante (German Youth Chess Association)

Host: Eric van Reem

Is Chess an ?

Paul Meyer-Duncker (Berlin Chess Federation)

Greg Shahade (PRO Chess League)

Arne Horvej (Play Magnus)

Host: Conrad Schormann (ChessTech)

Beyond Chess II:

Cesco Reale (University of Pescara)

Cameron Browne (Maastricht University)

Etan Ilfeld (MindSports Olympiad)

Maurizio Parton (University of Pescara)

Host: Jorge Nuno Silva

Erasmus + project 8by8

Business Pitch Competition: Best Chess Startup 2020

Vote for the best Startup

Five pre-selected entrepreneurs will present their new chess company or project. They will have met with our jurors before and, based on their feedback, bring an improved pitch to this public presentation. The jurors Mark Levitt, Asim Pereira, Sasa Radic and Gerald Tan will analyze and comment. Finally the audience will vote on The Best Chess Startup 2020. 

More information


Mark Levitt (investor, Trixta)

Asim Pereira (entrepreneur, MyChessApps)

Sasa Radic (funding and start-up expert)

Gerald Tan (Chief Product Officer, Play Magnus)

Moderated by Macauley Peterson